You have made it to your destination. Once you are settled, you send a letter to your mother so that she knows where you are. You hope that she respects your decision, whatever it may be, and that you can make her proud. Your journey is not over, however, as you realize the momentous task ahead of you. Whoever you are with, wherever you are, things will be expected of you. Your decisions have not led you anywhere comfortable, but you know that you have to work hard and deal with discomfort to get any kind of gains in this world. You relish the idea of creating your own path and making an impact.

You settle into a routine in your new home and begin to learn everything there is to know about your surroundings and your allies, as well as your enemies. But you can feel danger brewing. As your mother said, these are troubled times, and the whispers you hear are not bringing good news... who knows what will await you in the next round of A Game of Tomes?

You have completed the Origin Story