Rules & Frequently Asked Questions

How it works:

Go to the "Readathon" tab and select the appropriate round.

There is a mini-round, titled Origin Story. This round will be two weeks long and will take place November 1-14, 2021. This round is meant to be an introduction to the larger story that this readathon will follow going forward.

There is also the first official round, A Game of Tomes: Main Quest. This is a month-long round taking place in March of 2022, and is loosely based on the events of the first book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series. You can also find the story in the readathon tab.


What if I missed the Origin Story round? Can I still participate in the first round in March?

Of course! The Origin Story is meant to serve as a primer for your journey. There will be ample explanations and set-up given for the first round.

Do I need to have read the A Song of Ice and Fire book series to participate?

Absolutely not; this is open to all fans of the franchise, whether it be by way of the TV show or the books. If you love the franchise, we love you!

Will the story or prompts spoil the books or the TV show?

We will do our best to avoid all major plot spoilers. That being said, if you are sensitive to any spoilers regarding the franchise, this may not be for you as some of the story and prompts will follow general story arcs from the franchise.

Will there be character creation prompts?

To keep things simple we will not be creating characters officially through readathon prompts, but we absolutely welcome and encourage those of you who wish to create original characters and use the readathon as a role-playing exercise to further immerse yourselves in the world of Ice and Fire!

Is there a map so I can see my progress?

We have not created a map for the readathon, but you can always click here to see a fan-made map and follow your character's journey. The prompts and story use names found in the franchise so that you can track your character with ease.

Can I double up on prompts?

Unfortunately, no. This was created with a story in mind, and in order to progress through the story all the prompts need to be completed separately. In the future, however, you may get perks associated with your choices that allow you to do this....

Does (x, y, z) count for this prompt?

We have created the prompts with all readers in mind, so theoretically you should be able to find something to fit the prompt, no matter what genre or age category you read from. If something feels like a stretch to you, consider something else, but ultimately, we will not be checking your selections.

The hosts will also be releasing recommendation videos for books that fit their respective paths and choices, and will also recommend books for other prompts so head over to the Contact page and check their channels out if you are stuck!

This is meant to be a fun, role-playing, story-based readathon, and at the end of the day, the decisions are yours!

Do I have to complete the prompts in the order they appear in the story?

Ideally, yes. The story is an integral part of the readathon and theoretically you should embark on a journey and complete your house's tasks as they come. We do, however, acknowledge that sometimes things don't work out the way we want; library holds don't come in on time, we aren't in the mood for that particular book, life gets in the way and we cannot complete a particular book at a particular time. You do you! We do not police and we want you to enjoy yourselves.