You choose to continue to King's Landing

You wake in the inn, refreshed and clear-minded. After a troubled sleep, you ultimately choose to heed your mother's request and head to King's Landing. Not only is the King there, but a large group of Lannisters and Baratheons as well, and the most important court officials in the land. While it is not the most exciting or courageous mission, you know in your heart that familial loyalty is key and that there will be plenty of intrigue in court. After all, everyone has heard of characters such as the Spider and Littlefinger, advisors to the Throne. Yes, there is bound to be chaos and entertainment at court, and you will be able to secure a level of safety for your ageing parents at the same time.

You set off in the early morning along the Kingsroad, assured in your decision. Kingsroad is a massive and busy road, and you amuse yourself by observing those around you. Finally, the massive gates to King's Landing appear before you, and you feel the nervousness and excitement you felt the first day of your journey rushing back. Who knows what you will find within these walls?

2. King's Landing:

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You make your way to the Red Keep, the stronghold of the Crown, all with your head on a swivel. So many merchants and beggars, so many knights and commoners, all in one place. Women lean out of brothel windows to tempt you, and the smell of cooking meat lures you into taking some detours to try some food. Eventually, though, you reach your destination and request to see the King on your father's behalf. You are told when the King is next holding Court, and set off to find an inn to stay at in the meantime.

After a few days of walking around the city, you are more than ever convinced that you made the right decision. The things you have learned just by listening to those around you make you realize how little you knew, but light a fire inside you to find out more.

Finally, the day arrives when you are to meet with the King. You don your best armour and nervously pace until the time comes to head to the Red Keep. When you enter and are ushered into the throne room, your heart stops. You see the Iron Throne before you, a spectacular but frightening work of art. The King is secondary to the grandeur of the Throne, and you suddenly realize just how very small you are. You swallow your fear and approach the King anyways when your name is called. You have duties and a family name to honour.

3. the Iron Throne

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Congratulations, your journey has ended. Now the work begins.