You depart for Casterly Rock

You have a fitful and restless sleep, with all the possibilities open to you running through your mind. For some reason, you keep being drawn to the Lannisters. Not only have they been known to have great amounts of wealth and power, but they have successfully married their way to the Iron Throne, the seat - and heart - of Westeros. Despite your upbringing, which valued humility and loyalty, you always had a streak of desire for power and respect, things the Lannisters were known to appreciate. Before you realize it, you have made your mind up: you will go to Casterly Rock and pledge your sword to the Lannister house, allying yourself with them.

You leave the inn and head out on the River Road, which runs along the Red Fork of the Trident, noting that your path will take you by Riverrun, the seat of house Tully. You realize, with a jolt, how little you know of the larger Westeros outside of your family's land and the basics. You have not heard much about the Tullys beyond their union to the Starks. You start to worry that your decision was made in haste; what if you were naive, and the Lannisters will want nothing to do with you? 

2. Riverrun

Read a book that you don't hear people talk about often.

You make it past the Riverlands and approach Lannister territory, and start to notice Lannister banners hanging everywhere. Those loyal to house Lannister must be really loyal, to hang not only their own house banners but those of their lord as well. Your eyes are a blur of red and gold the more you advance towards Lannisport and the seat of Lannister power, Casterly Rock.

In the distance you spot the opulent castle, banners also decorating it. The sight of the Lannister lions sends a shiver down your spine as you imagine yourself earning their trust and gaining power from within their house, rather than your original plan of following your mother's orders. After all, one never made a name for themselves by playing it safe and doing what was expected of them. Any doubts you had are now gone; seeing Casterly Rock has made you more sure than ever in your decision and your goals.

You sit up straighter in your saddle and head into the lions' den.

3. Casterly Rock

Read a book with red on the cover.

Congratulations, your journey has ended. Now the work begins.