You have chosen to pledge your sword to House Baratheon of King's Landing and the Iron Throne

Heeding your parents’ wishes, you pledge your family’s house and sword to King Robert, who is seated upon the Iron Throne, and plan to spend your time in King’s Landing in court. You want to enjoy your time here and learn as much as you can, and you figure involving yourself in the Throne’s affairs is a good way to do so. After your audience with King Robert you head back to the room in the inn you had rented and await confirmation from the court that you are allowed to remain and whether you will be given official state chambers. After a short wait of a few days, your request is granted; you are free to stay in King’s Landing and join the court. Your stomach flutters with nervousness as you realize how close you will be to the King and his Council daily and how impactful your life can become. This opportunity is not only in line with your parents’ wishes and your familial duty, but also a chance to make something of yourself, to prove yourself to the King and his House. You gather your things and make your way to your official lodging.

Once you set yourself up at the Red Keep, your first order of (personal) business is to visit the Great Sept of Baelor, which towers over the center of King’s Landing. It is a spectacular feat of architecture, a powerful reminder of the vigilance of the seven gods and their might. You, of course, are not only interested in the construction of the building but what it houses. Having been raised worshiping the Seven, you feel it is only right you go pray for your family and their health, as well as your success and safety in King’s Landing and the King’s court.

2. Great Sept of Baelor

Read a book set in or inspired by a time period that is not our own.

You are expected to appear in court daily as part of the entourage and to hear the happenings of the people, as well as the Council. Many others there are also from lesser houses like yours, and wish to support their King any way they know how. Some, you come to learn, are there for their own personal gain, hoping to gain favour with King Robert or his advisors or achieve personal goals. Others have political goals in mind for their House or region and stay in court for months at a time, slowly building credibility and trust to get what they want.

Of all the people you meet and see daily, the Kingsguard fascinates you most. They are deceptively kind, although their rough demeanour and rugged physique would make you think otherwise initially. Their one task in life is to protect the King at all costs, but their status makes them incredibly visible to commoners and nobles and so you get to see them help a stumbling noblewoman or fix the King’s crooked cape. Yes, they are spectacular to watch; you can’t help but wonder if you could do what they do, the ultimate act of sacrifice to the King.

3. The Kingsguard

Read a book featuring a bodyguard or security/military detail.

After much time spent in court, mingling with nobles and gaining recognition, a courier arrives at your chambers one morning with a long-awaited letter. King Robert has invited you to ride in his party for a boar hunt. Your eyes widen as you realize what an honour it is to join the King on a leisurely activity such as this, and you immediately begin preparing.

Hunting with nobles, you quickly learn, is very different from the casual outings you had with cousins and other children in your family keep when you were younger. There is much pomp and ceremony, much drinking, and a lot of politics - much like a Red Keep feast, you realize, and giggle to yourself. Unlike other nobles around you, you decide to leave the King in peace and fall behind the group slightly, slowing your horse down to a gentle trot and enjoying the sunny day, the forest smells and the fresh air. King’s Landing is loud and smelly, awash with many bodies and shouts and merchants, and the trip outside the city walls is much appreciated.

You do get the chance to talk to King Robert when your group breaks for a quick meal, and find he is much more relaxed and witty than you had thought. He seems to be enjoying the nice day as much as you are, which you imagine must be a relief to the man who is in charge of running an entire country. In that moment, you think, you do not envy his position.

4. King Robert

Read a book featuring a protagonist over the age of 30.

Sweaty from the ride and exhausted from the hunt, your group returns to King’s Landing after nightfall. After returning your horse to the stables you rush to your room, hoping to flag a servant along the way to run you a bath and fetch some bread. Some rest is much welcome, you think.

You push open the door to your chambers and immediately tense; there is someone sitting on your bed. Your hand flies to your sword despite your fatigue and your adrenaline kicks in, but the intruder pulls back his hood quickly so that his face can be illuminated by the room’s torches. He introduces himself as Varys, but you are already relaxing slightly as you recognize his face. Varys is well-known around the court and King’s Landing. A slippery fellow, his reputation is that of a secret-gatherer. For whom? Well, anyone that pays him enough, of course.

You narrow your eyes after the introductions and suspect you know where this is going, but ask him anyway what he is here for. To no surprise, he asks you to gather some secrets for him. He has noticed you, he says, and he thinks you would be a great help due to your quiet yet observant nature. You ask who the secrets would be for, and in mock surprise, Varys tells you that he reports directly to the King.

Your heart is hammering. You know this man to be not entirely trustworthy, but something tells you that it is best to not make an enemy of him. Besides, if he is being honest, this could be a way to serve the King, which is your aim after all. You wearily accept and listen to Varys’s instructions, wondering where this could lead…

5. Varys

Read a book featuring secrets.

Congratulations, you have successfully completed your main quest.