You have chosen to pledge your sword to House Greyjoy of Pyke

Having a thirst for adventure, you travel around Westeros, learning as much as you can and trying to see where you fit best. In your travels you pass by Winterfell, the seat of the great House Stark, who rule the North. You meet everyone, but find yourself drawn to Theon Greyjoy, Lord Stark’s ward. Theon hails from the Iron Islands, a region you have not been to yet, and you beg him for details about his life, family, and lands. He happily obliges, telling you about the customs and values of the ironborn and their wild deeds. You grow to like him, despite his reputation for being boisterous and arrogant; you see him as full of life, adventurous and ambitious, qualities you see in yourself as well. Theon, being the Starks’ ward, has to stay in Winterfell at the behest of Lord Stark, but you decide one day to see the Iron Islands for yourself.

2. Theon

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The road to Pyke, the seat of the Iron Islands and House Greyjoy, is long and tedious - monotonous, actually, with riverlands and farmlands but no life. One day, however, you smell it. The sea. The salt. Your heart beats faster as you urge your horse to gallop faster so you can see the sea for yourself. There it is, magnificent and glittering, ships that look like toys scattered about. What freedom it must bring for those who live there! How nice it must be, knowing you can board a ship and go anywhere at any time! Sustain yourself with what you catch from the sea! Become brothers and sisters with those aboard your ship!

You stop in the first seaside town you come across and head straight for the tavern; it will be your best bet at gathering information. You buy a tankard of ale and strike up a conversation with the barkeep, asking after the best town to find work and where to find good accommodations. Others nearby join in on your conversation, and you find yourself having a great time. The ironborn are wild people, stubborn and proud but with a ferociousness to them that you cannot help but admire. They love life, to put it simply.

The next day you set off, visiting as many towns and islands as you can over the next several months to fully become an ironman yourself (what a shame you were not born here!) You feel it is important to listen to those you meet and follow their customs to truly understand them, and so you listen to every old drunk’s story, every child’s dream. There is a rich history in the Islands, unlike anything you’ve heard inland, and you are shocked you have not met more of the ironborn. Then again, when you live by the sea, why leave?

3. The Iron Islands

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Through your time in the Iron Islands, you keep hearing about the Drowned God, the main deity of the Ironmen. You decide that in an effort to assimilate you must give yourself to the Drowned God and participate in the traditional ceremony to welcome you into his cult. This involves, much to your dismay, actually drowning under the supervision of a priest, but you figure it is a necessary sacrifice for the ironborn to accept you.

4. The Drowned God

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After spending a lot of time touring the islands, becoming as close to ironborn as an outsider can, you decide that it is time to seek out the Greyjoys. You figure your best bet, given your skillset and heritage, is to pledge yourself to House Greyjoy. You head for Pyke and request an audience with Lord Balon, and are granted permission.

Pyke is a terrifying place, several towers linked by swinging bridges precariously perched atop of an island that is constantly battered with roaring waves; you have to remind yourself as you cross one of the bridges to not look down, lest you slip on the wet and slimy ground and fall to your death.

Inside the reception hall, you introduce yourself and kneel, pledging your undying loyalty to House Greyjoy before the Drowned God as tradition demands. Lord Balon accepts your vow and introduces you to his daughter Asha, who is with him and helps him in his duties. Asha is unlike most women you’ve encountered, and reminds you a lot of Theon, but more authentic. She has nothing to prove, you can tell, and is simply a larger-than-life person who takes no heat from anyone. She invites you to tour her ship after you tell her that you grew up inland and while you have spent a lot of time in the Iron Islands lately, you have never been out to sea before then. You agree, of course, as her ship is something of a legend in these parts, and you both exit the castle towards the sea.

5. Asha

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Congratulations, you have successfully completed your main quest.