You have chosen to pledge your sword to House Lannister of Casterly Rock

No sooner than you arrive at Casterly Rock are you greeted by knights and invited to meet Lord Tywin. The man has an iron grip on his house and lands, and knows all that happens within his realm, so you are not surprised in the slightest. 

On your way to his reception hall, you recall everything you have heard about him - while also trying to calm your nerves. Lord Tywin lost his wife during childbirth and is said to still mourn her; he and his other children detest his son Tyrion as a result, as he was the one “responsible.” Tywin is also said to shit gold. You allow yourself a chuckle at this one, since it seems like an obvious joke, but the little voice in the back of your head wonders if there’s any truth to it. 

You decide to swallow your fear, and laughter, as you approach the stunning double doors of the reception hall and stand a little straighter. Magical bowel movements or otherwise, it would not do to give a bad first impression to the legendary Lord Tywin.

2. Lord Tywin

Read a book with a yellow or gold cover.

Lord Tywin greets you brusquely, and after you state your intentions, gives you a short list of tasks. Some of these involve introducing yourself to the family and familiarizing yourself with the grounds, but others seem more menial and, truth be told, almost beneath your station. You figure that these are meant to be a test to prove your loyalty to the house, and decide to start there. 

You bow to Tywin and leave, but as you try to navigate the halls and orient yourself, a servant interrupts you and asks that you meet Queen Cersei in her chambers. You immediately agree and head there as you have heard as much about her as her father. Ignoring an invitation from Cersei may make you enemies, and something tells you having Lannisters as enemies is a very poor way to make your name known for the right reasons.

You follow the servant to Cersei’s chambers and enter. Cersei greets you with a smile and bow, which you return. She places a glass of wine in your hand and invites you to sit, and you accept, observing her closely. She is beautiful, young but with a wit and wisdom that is beyond her years and gender. You have known many intelligent and ambitious women in your life, but Cersei has a hunger about her that you are drawn to. While not outwardly confrontational, you are sure that her influence and power extend further than you may ever know, especially given her status as King Robert’s wife. You decide it is in your best interest to defer to her and trust her, if only to serve your own interests.

The night passes quickly as you both chat and sip on your wine, nibbling on the cheese and bread on the little table in front of you. You eventually leave on Cersei’s insistence that you must get some rest after your journey to Casterly Rock, and head to your chambers with the assistance of a servant. You cannot help but think, however, that there is so much more to Cersei than meets the eye, and that her pleasant sociable demeanour masks something much more dark underneath.

3. Cersei

Read a book with a female protagonist.

The weeks fly by quickly at Casterly Rock as you are given more and more tasks to prove your competence and devotion to House Lannister. You decide one afternoon, after having completed a mountain of paperwork, that you would like to see the library. You have heard for years how the Lannisters have built up their library with such beautiful volumes of rare books and foreign scrolls. Asking a servant to point you in the right direction, you scurry along and find your way to the massive library. Your breath catches as you walk in at the sight of the tall shelves filled with volumes, tables for research lit by smartly designed glass-enclosed lamps to avoid fires and smoke, chairs scattered about for reading. Wandering among the shelves illuminated by the massive windows, you feel finally at peace. That is, at least, until something catches your eye further down the shelf and makes you straighten up. Lord Tyrion is also browsing, a book tucked under each arm. He smiles when he sees you and tells you that he is not his father, you do not have to fall over trying to be respectful and formal in your greetings. You instantly like him.

The two of you strike up a conversation about books, naturally, as you inquire about what he is carrying. It turns out that Tyrion has a penchant for philosophy and history, and is incredibly entertaining in addition to being extremely intelligent. In your discussions you mention your favourite volume of knights’ tales that you have brought with you as a comfort read, which he sheepishly requests to borrow. Of course you agree; sharing books and stories with others is always more enjoyable than consuming them yourself. You both say goodbye and part ways.

4. Tyrion

Read a short book (~150 pages.)

Lord Tywin is a demanding man, and his trust does not come easy. You spend months at Casterly Rock, working hard to prove yourself. You suspect some tasks are merely assigned to see how far you will go, such as washing Cersei’s bedchambers by hand on the pretense that her usual servant was unwell, but you complete them anyways. You are, however, also given the opportunity to prove yourself in other ways by helping with bookkeeping and minor problems around Casterly Rock. You learn quickly enough who to trust, who to ask for help and delegate to, and who is in Tywin’s ear and is not worth the trouble of asking for help from.

One stormy afternoon, Lord Tywin sends for you. You enter his chambers and bow, surprised to see both Tyrion and Cersei there with him. You learn that you are to be sent to King’s Landing with the two Lannister siblings on official business, a true chance to prove yourself to the House. Cersei was only at Casterly Rock temporarily, given her role as Queen, and is due to return. Your task specifically will be to accompany the Lannisters and act as their spy. You will act as part of Cersei’s retinue, but will be gathering intel for regular reports back to Lord Tywin.

This is the chance you have been waiting for, something major and important. You agree to the task and immediately set off to prepare for the journey to King’s Landing.

5. King's Landing

Read a book about someone pretending to be someone else.

Congratulations, you have successfully completed your main quest.