You have chosen to pledge your sword to House Martell of Dorne

Your journey to Dorne gets progressively hotter, dryer, and sunnier as you travel south. The Martells’ seat of Sunspear is your goal, as you wish to pledge your sword to House Martell. You cannot explain the urge entirely; you only know that their proud and free House appeals to you greatly and their usual status as an underestimated and unconsidered house in Westeros could be used to their advantage. Yes, you could accomplish great things there.

You eventually start coming across Dornish cities. They are loud and cramped, and you love it. The smell of spices is everywhere, music floats out of windows, and people are open and beautiful and happy to stop and chat with you, be it to help you with directions or to offer you a bite of something hot. Having spent your whole life in Westeros, you are grateful to be somewhere new and somewhere so beautiful.

2. Dorne

Read a book with summer vibes.

Upon your arrival in Sunspear, you request to meet with the Martells. You are granted access to the reception hall, where you are to meet Prince Oberyn. He is not there when you arrive, so you wait. You are not alone, however, as the Sand Snakes are in the hall with you. You decide to introduce yourself, as you would like to get to know everyone truly and not simply rely on rumours. 

The Sand Snakes are the bastard daughters of Prince Oberyn, and you immediately can tell why they have their nickname. They are beautiful but sly, seductive but clearly dangerous - you can see the outline of weapons sheathed to their thighs and peeking out of their leather boots.

You strike up a conversation and are impressed by the three women, their unwavering loyalty to their house and their dry wit making a lasting impression on you.

3. Sand Snakes

Read a book about sisters.

Prince Oberyn eventually arrives, and you bow hastily and introduce yourself. His eyes narrow at you when you mention your Westerosi origins, and you remember the stories, the whispers of his hatred for the Iron Throne and its deeds towards his house. You make sure, just in case, to emphasize your desire to pledge your sword and life to his house.

Prince Oberyn regards you, and agrees to let you prove yourself. He has an air of regality, even though he is not technically the Lord of his house, and terrifies you; you feel as though he is staring right through you. He is perfectly civil, of course, but you notice everyone in the room, from his daughters to servants milling about, treat him with a fearful sort of deference. You suppress a shiver, understanding why. The look on his face when you stated your origin is not one you're like to forget.

4. Prince Oberyn

Read a book featuring a revenge plot.

Despite his disgust with your background, Prince Oberyn requests halfway through your talk with him that you join Princess Myrcella’s entourage. The Lannister child is betrothed to Prince Trystane of House Martell, and was sent to Sunspear to get to know the Martells, although you suspect they also think it best to keep her close in case the Lannisters change their mind. They are not known to be benevolent or trustworthy.

Given that Myrcella is Westerosi, you agree that having someone around who understands her culture and customs is a benefit, so you tell Oberyn that you will become her protector and confidant. He nods and directs a servant to show you to her chambers. You are to meet her briefly, and then you will all travel to the Water Gardens together, where she will stay. You thank him and head to meet the princess.

Princess Myrcella is sitting in a chair in her lavish chambers, getting her hair brushed when you are ushered in to meet her. She is very young and extremely shy, but you can see traces of the Lannister power and pride in her already. You introduce yourself and inform her of your new role, and her eyes light up. She has several Westerosi people around her, but you are closer to her age and she enjoys meeting new people anyways, she tells you. She smiles wide and motions you to come to her balcony with her. Her openness and lovely demeanour make you smile too, as you move to join her and fall into an easy conversation about home.

5. Princess Myrcella

Read a book set in a country that is not your own.

Congratulations, you have successfully completed your main quest.