You have chosen to pledge your sword to House Stark of Winterfell

When you first arrive at Winterkeep, you are taken to meet the castellan, who is to show you around and find you a place to stay. The Starks are a busy family, and you will not be meeting them for quite some time. As you wander around, taking in the beautiful and stoic keep, you hear a shout behind you. You are then knocked flat on your stomach as a massive weight presses down on your back. After some commotion, you get some help to stand up and spin around to see a massive dog being restrained by three people as it happily wags its tail. You narrow your eyes - that is no dog, that is a wolf, and your hand reaches for your sword when a hand covers yours. The castellan gently takes you by the elbow and explains that the Stark children were out for a ride recently and found a litter of direwolf cubs, their mother absent. They decided to take the cubs home and raise them, as the Starks’ sigil is the direwolf and it was seen as a sign. Your eyes widen at the thought of young children raising wolves, but the castellan laughs and points out that since the pups have known the Stark children essentially since birth, there is little risk of harm. He then pauses, and points out that you should go meet them all so that they get used to you and do not run you over like this one just did. You agree and follow him to the kennels, where he introduces you to the direwolves and shows you how to feed them. The castellan points out that assisting in their feeding and visiting them regularly would be a sign of goodwill and devotion to the house, and you have to agree. Additionally, as you look upon the pups, you can’t help but notice how cute they are, and surely some animal companionship isn’t the worst thing that can happen in your adventure.

2. Direwolves

Read a book with an animal in the title, in the book, or on the cover.

After the encounter with the wolves, you are shown to your chambers to unpack and settle in. Your room is clean but sparse, a lone tapestry hanging on the grey stone wall to add some life to the otherwise spartan accommodations. You can’t help but notice how grey everything is in Winterfell and the North. The sky, even when the sun appears, remains overcast and grim. The imposing walls of Winterfell are varying shades of grey due to their natural stone construction; even the dirty snow underfoot and laying on top of the towers has a greyish hue.

No matter, though, the colour of the sky or your surroundings. The people here are full of life, you come to realize, and you feel fulfilled with the simplicity of your daily routine at Winterfell.

3. Winter sky

Read a book with a silver or grey cover.

You find yourself growing quite attached to the Stark siblings during your stay at Winterfell. They range in age and gender, but they’re all intelligent and interesting. Being no longer a child yourself, however, you gravitate towards the older siblings, namely Robb and the bastard Jon. Jon especially is quiet but has a lot of wisdom that seems beyond his years; you imagine it must come from being a bastard and being ostracized by your own family. 

So, one day when you hear that Jon has decided to set off for the Wall, you see it fit to personally say goodbye to him. You arrive at his chambers and express your hopes for a safe journey. Jon informs you that his uncle Benjen, who was a respected brother of the Night’s Watch, has gone missing, and that part of the reason he wishes to travel to the Wall and join himself is to search for his uncle. Jon, always the noble one. You wish him luck and bid him to stay safe. After all, the Wall is not known to be a hospitable place.

4. Jon

Read a book involving travel (e.g., quest, journey, roadtrip.)

After Jon leaves, you think that you might get bored since you were closest to him, but the other Stark children continue to surprise you. Robb is full of life and eager to make his own path in the world, so much so that he reminds you of yourself. Sansa is very girly but polite and makes for great company for walks to the Godswood, and the young boys Bran and Rickon are fun to run around the keep with when you want to expend some energy.

Best of all, though, is Arya. Though but a young girl, she is feisty and a match for the most fit of men. You are not surprised then, when one day she approaches you with a solemn face and asks for your help with a delicate matter; her bastard brother, Jon, had left her a gift upon his departure for the Wall. A beautiful, thin sword, which Arya had already named Needle. She pleads you to keep her secret from her parents and begs for your help in learning how to use it properly. You have seen her pick up and swing the wooden training swords in the courtyard after her brothers had finished using them, and you know that she will keep asking until you agree (such is her nature.) You tell her that you would be honoured, and agree to teach her how to spar.

5. Arya

Read a book featuring someone in training (e.g., school setting learning a new skill or sport, assassin training.)

Of course, nothing happens in the Stark household without Lady Catelyn knowing about it. She sends for you one day, which worries you. You think you may be in trouble for listening to Arya and not letting her parents know about her sword, but Lady Catelyn puts your mind at ease immediately. She informs you that she is aware of your lessons, but considers it another mark on your excellent record of service for her House. You breathe a sigh of relief, and thank her for not reprimanding you. Lady Catelyn laughs, and says that were it any other one of her children, she would, but she knows that Arya is different and she needs to forge her own way through life in order to feel any sort of growth. She confides in you that she wishes she were more ladylike, but in any case, as long as she understands her place in the world her hobbies are of no detriment. In any case, Lady Catelyn finishes, you have become most welcome in Winterfell and are welcome to stay so long as you keep upholding Stark values and vow to protect everyone. You, of course, agree. Winterfell has become your home, the Starks your family. How could you want anything more?

Congratulations, you have successfully completed your main quest.