You have chosen to pledge your sword to House Targaryen

After your long journey across the Narrow Sea to Pentos, you finally gather enough information to know that the Targaryen siblings are probably just outside the city walls, preparing for a marriage arranged by a Magister Illyrio Mopatis.

You exit the city, wandering for a little while before some shouts and music draw your attention. You follow the sound to a large group of people in and around tents, yelling and dancing and wrestling. Approaching cautiously, you approach a man who seems to be Westerosi or Pentoshi and inquire whose wedding this is. He thrusts a drink into your hand and points to a raised dais, covered in a tent and surrounded by lavish decorations; two people sit inside. You thank him and make your way over, sidestepping a couple having sex (is that allowed?) and someone getting stabbed (why is nobody helping them?!) on your path. You approach slowly, head bowed in deference, and introduce yourself. You then present your gift along with your wishes for a long and happy marriage, and back away once you are dismissed. You do, however, notice the shocking beauty of the Targaryen siblings; Daenerys, sitting next to her new husband Khal Drogo, looks ethereal and proud, despite the hint of fear in her lilac eyes. Her brother hovers behind her, graceful and powerful, but the clench of his jaw betrays some unknown emotion - disapproval? Disgust? Envy? You try not to stare and move along, joining in on the festivities and dancing along with the Dothraki. For some reason, though, you cannot get the look on the Targaryen boy’s face out of your head…

2. Wedding

Read a book featuring an unconventional marriage (e.g., marriage of convenience, political marriage.)

You spend some time drinking, dancing and people watching - which, as it turns out, is an exciting endeavour at a Dothraki wedding. You do, however, eventually spot a knight in Daenerys’s entourage and decide to approach. You introduce yourself and state your interest in joining the Targaryens and pledging your sword to the revival of their house. The knight nods and introduces himself as Ser Jorah Mormont. You have heard the name before, and not in a positive context, but keep any comments to yourself. Ser Jorah mentions that he has also devoted himself to Daenerys, and would be happy to have you on board so long as you prove yourself trustworthy. Continuing to chat for a bit, you find out that Dothraki custom defers to men and decide to pledge your loyalty not only to Daenerys but to her husband as well. You bid Ser Jorah farewell and turn to bend the knee to the newlyweds, presenting an ornate dagger you had in your pack as a gift to Khal Drogo. You vow out loud to them both to serve them, to protect them and to always be there for them both. Khal Drogo is silent and observes you, but he does not seem displeased. After a nerve wracking moment he nods and gestures for someone to take your gift. You breathe a sigh of relief and rejoin the wedding celebrations.

3. Khal Drogo

Read a book with a sun, moon or stars on the cover or in the title.

After the wedding, you officially join Daenerys’s retinue and travel with Ser Jorah. The Dothraki and the Targaryens are traveling to Vaes Dothrak, the Dothraki stronghold. The Dothraki are nomadic so while Vaes Dothrak is not a city in the sense that you are used to, it is still said to be magnificent and rich in culture. You are excited to get to know the Dothraki ways and embark on this new journey, and fall asleep with a smile on your face.

A few days into the journey, you get the opportunity to prove your devotion to Daenerys much sooner than anticipated when the group stops at a market. You are wandering around, a few paces behind Daenerys, when you hear a shout. You turn and see someone is rushing towards Daenerys with a dagger. Without thinking, you draw your sword and leap forward, running the steel through the attacker’s abdomen. In the blur of the attack, you notice that Ser Jorah has thrown himself over Daenerys and feel relieved that she is okay. The shock of the death is starting to hit you now though, and you have to sit for a moment after confirming with Ser Jorah that Daenerys is unharmed.

After you recover, you head back to the camp with Daenerys while Ser Jorah stays behind and tries to find out more about the assassin. Daenerys thanks you profusely as you walk back, and later that evening invites you to dine with her for the first time. You feel proud of yourself for having shown your abilities and devotion, although the shock of taking a life has not entirely worn off yet. 

You accept her invitation and spend the evening drinking fine wine and learning more about the woman you are sworn to protect.

4. Assassin

Read a book featuring murder.

The road to Vaes Dothrak is long, giving you much time to learn more about not only Daenerys and her brother, but about the Dothraki as well.

At first, the group is abuzz with the news of the attempted assassination; Ser Jorah tells you quietly that he believes it was someone from Westeros, at the behest of the King, but he cannot prove it and therefore has to keep the theory to himself. You cannot help but silently agree; a living Targaryen, and now with powerful ties, is a threat to the Iron Throne and the Baratheons’ claim to it. You both decide that it is best to be as vigilant as possible around Daenerys and sleep with one eye open until you arrive at Vaes Dothrak.

In the meantime, you continue to immerse yourself in Dothraki culture. Several of Daenerys’s servants teach you Dothraki in your downtime, and you befriend a Dothraki warrior who helps you to train in horseback combat. Your evenings are filled with Dothraki songs and wrestling, as well as some of the most delicious food you have ever had. Given that you are on another continent, there are spices and vegetables you had never tried introduced to you in every dish. You even come to respect their customs that at first seemed so harsh and foreign to you, including the public brawling and fornicating; the Dothraki believe that everything important must be done under the open sky, and you respect that openness. The fact that every good event or wedding must have a few deaths is still shocking, but the Dothraki voraciousness for life makes the deaths have meaning. You never thought you would be riding with Dothraki and learning their ways, but you appreciate every moment and the road that took you here.

5. Dothraki

Read a book about a culture that is not your own.

After a long, exhausting but fulfilling trip, you spot the sea of tents in the distance, the Dothraki “city” of Vaes Dothrak. The smell of cooked meat drifts toward you, making your mouth water. Joining in with the whooping erupting around you, you urge your horse onwards and gallop towards Vaes Dothrak, towards the Dothraki, towards freedom.

Congratulations, you have successfully completed your main quest.