You have chosen to pledge your sword to House Tyrell of Highgarden

You cannot believe your eyes when you begin to approach the Tyrells’ land; it looks like something out of a fairytale. Flowers are blooming everywhere, lining the sides of the road like they are welcoming you, and beyond, entire fields of flowers of every colour. Every keep and castle you pass on your way to Highgarden has an immaculately manicured garden surrounding it, smells so enticing you wish you could hop off your horse and run your hands through the blooms. In the distance, you see Highgarden itself, its spectacular towers topped with lovely green. The castle itself is not only massive but almost seems to shine, it is so beautiful and delicate - no, it is not the harsh stone functional keep you grew up in and around. This is a work of art.

As you approach the gates, your head is on a swivel, trying to take in the gardens. Exotic plants unlike anything you have ever seen before, topiaries expertly trimmed to resemble animals, both real and imagined, and the greenest grass you have ever seen in your life welcome you as you enter Highgarden. The place almost does not seem real, it is so beautiful, but you have to remind yourself of your purpose. Besides, the beautiful veneer is said to hide the brutal nature of the happenings inside; the Tyrells are cunning folk, and will not hesitate to further their own interests at the expense of yours.

2. Highgarden

Read a book with flowers on the cover.

You immediately head to the throne room to introduce yourself, and are surprised to find the whole main family there greeting their court. This is rare; usually the Lord is there or even someone to represent him, while the family is either abroad or, if younger, doing lessons at this hour. You quietly enter and bow towards Lord Mace Tyrell, who inquires about your business in his court. You explain your history and intent to pledge your sword to House Tyrell, and he agrees, but asks you to first introduce yourself to the rest of his family so that they may be aware of your arrival should they need your help. He waves you in their general direction, and you thank him and turn towards them.

Your eyes are immediately drawn to Margaery, and your breath catches in your throat. She is one of the most beautiful women you have ever seen, graciously chatting with everyone around her. Her smile is infectious, genuine. She spots you hovering and waves you over, introducing herself and asking you questions about yourself and your family. You notice she has a massive audience, admirers vying for her attention and professing their love for her. You have never met someone so magnetic, so beautiful inside and out.

3. Margaery

Read a popular book.

While chatting with Margaery, you notice her brother Loras hovering in the background. He is just as beautiful as she, and you marvel at the beauty of the family and lands of Highgarden; surely they can’t be as vicious as everyone whispers? Loras turns out to be kind too, as he also introduces himself and chats with you and his sister. You both are able to bond over your knowledge in fighting and weaponry, and as you are directed to your chambers where you will be staying while you prove your loyalty to the Tyrells, you find yourself smiling broadly at the interaction with the siblings. You cannot help but feel like you are already part of their family.

4. Ser Loras

Read a book with a beautiful cover.

Slowly but surely, you earn the trust of the Tyrells. At first, you are only expected to join court, and are occasionally invited to dine with the Tyrells directly or participate in a walk around the gardens. Other than that, you are left on your own. You take this opportunity to visit their library and find out as much as you can about their family history, and you are somewhat surprised by what you find. Much of the Tyrells’ ancestors were political geniuses, ascending to great positions within various kings’ retinues and influencing Westeros in ways you never knew. You are awed at their accomplishments and wonder if the current Tyrells have as much influence as their predecessors.

After a few months and lots of benign talks with various members of the House, which you at first saw as unimportant and a possible waste of your time, you begin to receive more assignments; paperwork, bookkeeping, and research on other houses or political theory. This is a good sign to you and you throw yourself into your work eagerly. It pays off, as you soon are allowed to join their strategy meetings and discussions, open only to their innermost circle. You are stunned to watch them in action. 

Through charity and positive influence, the Tyrells have gained an unimaginable amount of respect not only in their own region but across Westeros, particularly within the great Houses and in the King’s Council. This tactic has allowed them to remain credible while forging political alliances and all sorts of backdoor deals, and you respect them as well for it; better to rule through love than fear.

5. Political maneuvering

Read a book featuring politics (e.g., royal, fantastical, real governments.)

Congratulations, you have successfully completed your main quest.