You have chosen to pledge your sword to the Night's Watch at The Wall

The road to the Wall is lengthy and cold, and the only thing you have to keep you sane is the knowledge that the Night’s Watch is a worthy and noble institution and you are protecting the entirety of Westeros from the unknown. Or so you keep telling yourself.

You eventually arrive at Castle Black and express your desire to become a brother, and are informed that the Lord Commander is currently busy. The man who greets you then points you towards the armory, so that you can get fitted while you wait to be seen by the Lord Commander.

As you walk towards the small building, you look around you as this is your first time at the edge of the world. The Wall looms tall over you and takes your breath away with the sheer size of it. It’s magnificent and terrifying, and you shiver slightly thinking about what it holds back. Castle Black, on the other hand, seems a little run-down. You can tell it used to be grand and imposing, but it has fallen into disrepair. Even the men of the Night’s Watch look tired and wan. You wonder what exactly happened to the noble institution that you heard so much about growing up.

You push open the heavy door to the armory and are greeted with a welcome blast of warm air from the fireplace. The armorer greets you and inquires what you need and why you came. You tell him you are just arriving and are aiming to join the Night’s Watch, and he nods, leading you to the wall where a weapons rack is positioned. He apologizes for the sorry state of the weapons, noting that there is little new funding coming in from the Iron Throne, and thus weapons and armor are reused, taken from deceased brothers. You did not even notice it at first, but upon closer examination you notice tears and stains on the armor and clothing, and chips in the swords. The quivers of arrows are pitifully sparse, only a few arrows in each.

2. Armory

Read a book you did not purchase (e.g., from library, gift, free.)

After you get fitted in black armor and are given an additional weapon to supplement your own, you ask where you can find the Lord Commander’s chambers. The armorer points to a tower, and you head over, but he is still not present when you arrive. You decide to sit down and wait, since you have nothing better to do, and look around the room. Books and papers are stacked haphazardly around the room, and the furnishings seem sparse - possibly further proof of the lack of coin going towards the Night’s Watch if the Lord Commander himself does not even live in better conditions than his men.

You are contemplating the financial situation of Castle Black when a raven flies in through the window and startles you. Annoyed, you shoot it a dark look, but then it speaks. You frown, thinking you misunderstood, but then it speaks again. Well, speaking it too kind of a word. The raven screams the word “CORN!” repeatedly until you get up and start looking around you. You spot a cage with a sack beside it, and figure that must be where the bird lives. Sure enough, there is corn in the sack, and you hold your hand out for the bird to come feed out of it.

3. Feed the raven

Read a book with a bird on the cover.

The Lord Commander finally appears, and thanks you with a smile for not chasing the bird away. You nod and sit down at his request. He listens as you introduce yourself and explain why you chose to join the Night’s Watch, and grants you permission to stay. Your previous training is an asset, he says, but you must also be aware of the lack of funding and the harsh conditions on the Wall. The Night’s Watch is not seen as noble as it once was, so much so that they have had to ask the Iron Throne for criminals to pardon and send to the Wall to help keep numbers afloat. You grimace slightly at that, but nonetheless tell the Lord Commander that it is not about being noble or renowned, but rather that it is the right thing to do. The Night’s Watch is the protector of the realm, the last stand against Wildlings and other unknown dangers lurking in the wilderness. The Lord Commander regards you silently for a moment, then sighs and nods. “You’ll change your mind soon enough,” he says, and a chill runs through you as you wonder what you have done.

Before you can think too hard on it, though, the Lord Commander dismisses you, with a caveat. He asks you to fetch him Maester Aemon, who is closeby but needs some help getting to the Lord Commander’s tower. You nod and run off.

When you arrive at Maester Aemon’s chambers, you knock and enter when you hear a “yes?” The room is dark, and you nervously introduce yourself and why you came. Maester Aemon bids you to approach him, to follow his voice and help him up. Once you take him by the elbow and lead him outside, you realize why the darkness and the necessity of help; Maester Aemon is blind, and needs a guide to get around. You are a bit surprised, knowing that Maesters are incredibly knowledgeable in medicine and alchemy, and wonder why he has not healed himself, but keep that thought to yourself. You bring him into the Lord Commander’s office and exit quickly, eager to move on and settle into your new life.

4. Maester Aemon

Read a book you know nothing about or don't remember the synopsis for.

That evening, as you sit in the mess hall with dinner, you strike up a conversation with the young men around you. They all introduce themselves and tell you what they do in the Night’s Watch. You are asked what you would like to do, but when you say you would like to be a ranger (obviously) everyone starts laughing. You look around, confused. Was what you said that ridiculous? Someone beside you informs you kindly that new recruits cannot be rangers. You need to spend time and earn the trust of the Lord Commander to venture out beyond the wall. After all, you must be depended upon to protect not only yourself but your fellow brothers. You sheepishly apologize, and say that maybe the armory would be a good fit for you given your background. One of the men at the table pipes up and says that he can ask for you, and you thank him. 

When you go to bed that night, you dream of the forest beyond the Wall.

You spend months in the armory, working hard. You grew up around swords and shields so you fit in perfectly, working on repairing leather saddles and armor, polishing swords and oiling shields. It is a quiet but rewarding work, as you can see the results of your time and efforts physically. You come to enjoy it quite a bit.

Your work does pay off, however, when one day you are asked to join for a quick expedition beyond the Wall. The First Ranger, Benjen Stark, has been missing for a while when he rode out to search for some missing rangers not long ago. A search party has since gone out, but found no trace. You are to join the newest party and remain close to the Wall, looking closely for clues as to his direction and goal. You accept and immediately prepare yourself, excited. You have been waiting for this for a long time.

You bundle up and sit atop your horse, under the crushing weight of the Wall, and watch the gates rise slowly. A ball of energy sits in your stomach as you realize you are going to be venturing beyond the borders of Westeros, beyond the realm and laws of man. At the word of the expedition leader, you urge your horse forward into the untouched snow.

5. Expedition

Read a book set in nature.

Your expedition is slow and you do not venture far, but you are still in shock that you were able to go. The forest feels ancient, wild, and you swear on all the gods you know that there are whispers in the trees. The world beyond the Wall is a scary unknown place, and you do not sleep easy that night upon your return. From the whispers, to the eerie feeling of being watched, to the symbols in the trees, nothing felt normal. Nothing felt right. Nothing felt safe. You cannot help but feel like something big is on the horizon, something that spells trouble as unknown as ancient as the world itself.

Congratulations, you have successfully completed your main quest.