Your quest begins

You are out for an early morning ride around your family's property, enjoying the solitude, when you hear a shout behind you. Your hand reflexively goes to your sword at your side but when you see who it is, you breathe a sigh of relief. It is only your page, Jeremy, and he is waving a rolled and sealed parchment in his hand. You turn your horse around and meet him halfway on the trail. "From your lady mother," says Jeremy, bowing his head briefly and handing you the scroll. You recognize your mother's seal holding the tightly rolled scroll together and begin to worry. Your mother has been distant for some time, only appearing for meals occasionally and losing weight rapidly. You open the letter and read:


Your mind starts racing. You are well-trained, yes, but nowhere near as respected as your father is. This is a big task and you feel unprepared. And what did your mother mean by her comment about troubled times and strong friendships? You give your head a shake, figuring that you have time on the road to ponder this cryptic message, and thank Jeremy for delivering the letter. Then you gently nudge your horse onwards back to the castle to begin preparations for the journey.

Do you accept?