You depart for Winterfell

You awake the next morning and decide to set off for King's Landing as planned, but your heart is not in it. You feel constricted by the thought of court life, by the large city and the shady people who inhabit it. As you urge your horse into a trot down the Kingsroad, the feeling of tightness in your chest continues. In a flash decision, you turn around and head north. Your mind is set. You cannot allow yourself to live a life trapped inside, playing court politics and trying to please everyone. Your family raised you to be honest, loyal and free, and so to the North you go. You will aim for Winterfell, you think. You have long been sympathetic to the Starks and what they stand for, along with their bannermen. The North is a hostile land but the people are good and strong, and you feel as though you will be at home there. The further north you head, the more relaxed you feel, galloping past people headed south to the Iron Throne, to plead their case or beg for mercy. You have no attachments, no debts. You are free to do as you please, to hunt in the woods or worship the gods of old. Your journey feels freeing, and you arrive at the Twins quicker than you expected. The men guarding the passage between the towers demand a toll, but you barely notice in your elation. Yes, you think. This was the right choice.

2. The Twins

Read a book that has 2 words in the title.

Past the Twins you go, riding with speed and joy. You notice soon that the air is getting thinner, cooler, and that the trees are changing, and it takes your breath away. You have never been north, only south, so this new world is captivating. You have heard stories of winter, of course, but you were born at the beginning of a long and beautiful summer, never having actually seen winter. If winter looks like the land around Winterfell, though, you think you will be okay with it.

After several days you spot the large castle of Winterfell in the distance. Its sight is very welcome to you and your horse, who is not accustomed to cold; you must admit the chill is beginning to get to you as well. There is smoke rising from what you assume are fireplaces, and you dream of curling up in front of one with warm spiced wine in your hand. You approach Winterfell and announce yourself, savouring the warmth that emanates from within the walls of the stronghold. You spot children running, young adults sparring, and people walking around with fresh game. You breathe in deeply and smell roasting meats and fresh hay, and suddenly realize that you already feel right at home.

3. Winterfell

Read a book with wintery vibes.

Congratulations, your journey has ended. Now the work begins.