You depart in search of the Targaryen heirs

The rumours you heard the previous night come flooding back the moment you awake. You cannot help but doubt the legitimacy of such rumours; after all, every Westerosi has heard the tragic and gruesome tale of the Mad King's end and the fate that befell his family. Yet, something inside of you burns with desire to find out if there is any truth to this rumour.

Those who spoke of the Targaryen heir spoke of a brother and sister with fair hair and lilac eyes hiding out in a merchant's home in the Free Cities, awaiting an arranged marriage. You also heard whispers of the Dothraki being involved, but this was a point of contention. The idea of not one but two of the Mad King's children being alive seems too good to be true, but your heart is set. You need adventure and you were always partial to the stories about the Targaryens and their affinity for dragons - not to mention the stability they brought to the realm. Instead of appeasing the current King, why not support the next and rightful one?

You pack up your horse and decide to set off towards King's Landing, not to see the King but in search of passage to Pentos, where the siblings and their mysterious merchant benefactor were said to live.

2. The Narrow Sea

Read a book that is set on or near a body of water (sea, ocean, lake, etc.)

The passage across the Narrow Sea is a miserable one, and an incredibly boring one at that. At several points you attempt to convince yourself that you are doing the right thing, to no avail. You worry that your decision was made in haste, that the rumours were nothing but musings of bored and disloyal Westerosi, that you will arrive to find nothing but a grumpy Magister where two Targaryens should be. Upon disembarking, however, one of these turns out to be true, but not in the way you suspected.

3. Magister Illyrio Mopatis's house

Read a book featuring siblings.

After asking around for what feels like hours, you set off in what seems to be the general direction of Magister Illyrio Mopatis's house, who has been sighted receiving unusual guests as of late. Several people also recalled hearing of a pair of fair-haired siblings living inside the grand house, but nobody could confirm this as they were said to never leave the house.

You make your way through the city, marvelling at how different everything is. The blur of languages and colours and strange smells leaves you breathless, and you are tempted to abandon your mad plan in favour of food or other more pleasurable dalliances more often than you would like to admit.

Eventually, though, you arrive at the magister's house, only to find that Illyrio himself is absent. You slip his servant a few coins in exchange for the knowledge that he left the city temporarily for a wedding, and your pulse quickens with excitement. Until now, the wedding rumours seemed like wild speculation, especially coupled with the rumours of an alliance with the Dothraki. You reflect quietly on this while walking toward the city gates; all you know of the Dothraki is that they are a wild, brutal people, living in harsh climates in small communities built on warfare and nature. You struggle to see what reason the heir to the Iron Throne would have for marrying one of the Dothraki, but you decide to keep pushing onwards to the city walls and beyond and see what awaits you.

On the way, you pick up a beautiful embroidered silk shawl from one of the many vendors clamouring for your attention. While you were not invited, you absolutely know better than to show up to a wedding empty-handed.

Congratulations, your journey has ended. Now the work begins.